Municipal Website & App Development/Maintenance

The Fonseca Group is expert at the development and deployment of public sector websites. We provide superior “post-launch” webmaster support including the creation of content, adding of pages, posting to social media, and generally keeping the website under our guidance, up to date.

We produce, deploy, oversee and maintain municipal websites.  We believe in bringing modern design and user experiences to the websites we build for the public organizations we serve.  Combined with our various PR services, FCG offers a powerful communications capability to any municipality.

We are capable of deploying content in a variety of languages including Portuguese, Spanish and English. With in-house translations, you can ensure that no sector of the general population is out of reach.

  • Specific services we are able to provide include:
    • website development
    • website maintenance
    • website hosting
    • content management
    • content creation
    • internet based document distribution
    • “get the word out”
    • violations payment processing
    • permit payment processing
    • text message alerts
    • email alerts
    • social media posting

With years of experience working within both the private and public sectors, we understand the needs of our clients. As such, we are aware of what the legal and compliance requirements are to successfully implement projects, deployments, and much more. We help ensure that all website content is clear and concise so that the general public can access information with ease. The Fonseca Consulting Group is committed to helping municipalities maintain clear and orderly lines of communications between officials and the public, public interest groups, and more.