An Advocate in Your Corner

The Fonseca Consulting Group brings together experienced professionals with diverse public and private sector expertise in growing businesses like yours. We provide our clients with the knowledge base and support required to maximize profitability, manage risk, and reduce cost.
Our services focus on key areas: government affairs; environmental and land use; development and permitting; business and governmental management; commercial real estate; and marketing and public relations. FCG offers unique expertise in helping organizations achieve new levels of success by setting themselves apart from the competition.


Work Faster and More Efficiently

Thanks to a wide network of relationships across New Jersey we are well-positioned to advocate on your behalf in both the government and the business community.

This helps facilitate the regulatory process; accomplishing goals faster and more efficiently.

The breadth of our organization allows for effective interfacing with your management team and professionals; ensuring a collaborative approach that keeps moving forward.

Knowing that questions and concerns do not always surface between 9:00am and 5:00pm, you can feel comfortable calling us any time. Our ready accessibility to you and your team ensures a level of responsiveness from FCG that is superior to that of other firms.


The Bottom Line Benefits

The Bottom Line Benefits of the Fonseca Consulting Group’s management and consulting services has provided a winning edge to New Jersey Businesses. Our team comes ready to assess and service your unique needs, cut through the red tape, and smoothly transition you and your business towards the path to growth and prosperity.


Comprehensive analysis, creative strategies, and reliable, pragmatic solutions are the hallmark of a truly top class consulting firm.

Our open accessibility to you and your team ensures a level of responsiveness from the Fonseca Consulting Group that is unparalleled.